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DigiLayer is a US based digital marketing agency with a twist. DigiLayer offers digital marketing products and services to other marketing agencies to then re-sell to their customers. DigiLayer offers a custom, one-of-a-kind white-label dashboard for agencies to brand using their own logo and a wide array of digital marketing services at an unbeatable price. This allows marketing companies to lower their internal costs, increase their profit margins, and increase customer service and brand awareness. DigiLayer fulfills all of the deliverables, while the agencies are responsible for 100% of the client communication, accounting and sales. DigiLayer offers complex packages that generate proven results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strategically partner with marketing agencies that truly want to deliver a premium set of digital marketing services and help businesses grow through advanced marketing strategies online. We want to empower digital marketing agencies to be transparent, offer tangible assets, exceed their customers’ goal expectations, and successfully engage with their clientele.

Our Vision

DigiLayer was conceptualized while trying to enhance the mundane usage of the term SEO. Digital Marketing is so much more than that. Our vision is to expand the digital marketing industry with a new paradigm of strategic marketing, while empowering the digital marketing agencies to offer the best possible services to their clients and exceed the standard status quo.

Have you seen our white-label Dashboard?

Our custom white-label dashboard comes with every single package that you offer to your clients. It enables your agency and clients to have 24/7 365 access to their entire digital marketing campaign. It integrates with all major search engines, social media platforms, review sites,
analytics, and much more. Schedule a demo today. It will open your mind to new possibilities for your agency



We thrive helping businesses grow. We are on a mission to grow your portfolio, while helping your clients reach their goals through our combined efforts.
Lower Your Costs

Lower Your Costs

Reduce your costs with a lower overhead and see pricing that you never thought was possible. Your clients will thank you too!
Agency Support

Increase Your Margins

Increase your margins on all fronts with all new services.

Agency Support

You have a dedicated support manager
overseeing all of your accounts. Your team
reaches out, not your client. Our support team responds immediately.
Immediate Value Added

Immediate Value Added

Offering your clients a brand-new custom
branded dashboard with these features will
immediately give your agency an increase in value. Not to mention the new sales opportunities that will arise.
Easy & Fast On-Boarding

Easy & Fast On-Boarding

Our on-boarding process is not only simple, it’s fast. We can get your existing clients in a new campaign seamlessly without a hitch. They will get 24/7 365 access to their new dashboard with their entire campaign uploaded for immediate use.

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